Africa’s future is clear: Youth, Technology & Broadband

The ITU Blog

africa-youth-broadbandTechnology is not an end unto itself. While it needs to reward shareholders and management, it has to address the improvement of human well-being. At its core it has to place the values of equity, justice and human dignity. Only then will it drive a revolution of ethics and morality that resolve the grand challenge of development in Africa and the world.

The increasing disparities in wealth are causing rage worldwide, with global protests over corruption, bonuses, and tax evasion. Large numbers of unemployed youth fall outside formal markets and public services.

People are demonstrating not only for democratic inclusion, but also to change the form of democratic inclusion – traditional multiparty politics is losing the ability to command younger populations, with party membership and voter participation going down worldwide.

Still, there is a revolution going on in our world. The Internet and mobile phones were widely credited with the…

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